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4Media iPhone Ringtone Maker Tutorial

Updated March 19,2009

The guide will explain to you how to make iPhone ringtones from any video/audio files and how to transfer iphone ringtones.

Firstly, download iPhone Ringtone Maker, install and launch the software.

how to make ringtones to iphone

Step 1: Load a video/audio file

Click the "Select file(s)" button on the toolbar to select the file you want to create ringtone in the dialog that pops up, then click "Open" button. You can see the audio waveform in the grid area.

how to make iphone ringtones

Step 2: Adjust the output settings

Enter the name in the "Output File Name" textbox or keep the original name, and click "Browse…" button on the right side of the "Output Folder" to choose a folder for saving the outputted ringtones.

how to transfer iphone ringtone

Tip: After making iphone ringtone, you can click "Open" button to view the ringtone directly.

Step 3: Customize the ringtone (optional)

1. Extract a clip

Click "Play" button to listen the music and find the part you want. Drag and drop the start & end line to get a music clip, or click "Set the current time as the start point" and " Set the current time as the end point " buttons to extract a clip, or type the start & end time directly in the corresponding text boxes.

how to transfer ringtones to iphone

Tip: The red line is "current time" in the grid area, you can set the exact position of the red line according to actual need.

2. Add fade-in and fade-out effects

Check the "Fade in" and "Fade out" checkboxes, and set the fade-in and fade-out time according to your need.

how to add effects to iphone ringtone

3. Adjust ringtone volume

Click "Output volume" drop-down button to set the ringtone volume freely.

how to create iphone ringtones

Step 4: Adjust the file transfer settings

If you want, check "Add to iTunes" and "Add to iPhone" options to let the program upload the ringtone to iTunes and your iPhone directly after conversion.

Click "Ringtone Manager" button on the toolbar to manage all the ringtones you uploaded to iPhone in the "Ringtone Manager" dialog that opens.

transfer iphone ringtone

Choose an audio file in the file list, click "Export to iTunes" or "Export to PC" button to exporting files. You can also click "Rename" button to rename the audio file.

make iphone ringtones

Step 5: Start making ringtone

After all above are finished, click "Start Converting" button to start to make your own iPhone ringtone. You can check the converting process from the progress bar at the bottom. Just in a few minutes, you make your own iPhone ringtones from the loved music.

how to make ringtone for iphone

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