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Guide: 4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac

Updated April 1,2009

This following article will guide you to capture and output pictures in singles or batches from DVD movies on your Mac step by step. Firstly, download, install and launch 4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac.

Step 1: Load DVD
Click "Load DVD-Video" button in the left bottom to load DVD, then all the DVD titles will be displayed in the left file list. If you want to delete the loaded title, choose the title and click the "Remove From List" button to remove the selected title.

DVD Frame Capture for Mac

Step 2: Adjust output settings

This step is optional. If you want to keep the default settings, just jump to Step 3.

Uncheck the "Keep Original Size" checkbox, and enter the image size you want, set the zoom mode and choose the fill color.

How to capture DVD screen on Mac

Go to the "DVD" panel, and choose the subtitle, angle and audio track you want to capture pictures with the subtitle and angle you specify or without subtitle.

Step 3: Capture pictures from DVD title
The software provides two methods for capturing DVD pictures: single capture and batch capture.

1. Single capture

The software offers three options to capture single frame: "Capture to Picture List", "Capture from Frame Window", "Direct Export".

Choose the title you want, click the play button below the built-in player to play the title. When it comes to the frame you like, long press the single capture button below the player, and choose the picture capture way you want. The way you choose will be the default one when you short press the button to capture picture next time.

If you choose "Capture to Picture List", then the captured picture will be displayed in the picture list for your preview and export.

how to capture frame or movie screen from DVDs on a Mac

If you choose "Capture from Frame Window", then the frame window will pop up, the current frame will be highlighted by default. Click the "Add" button to add the frame to the picture list. If you're not satisfied with the frame, then choose the best picture you want from the frame list and add it to the picture list. Set "Picture Interval" and click "Previous Page" or "Next Page" button to browse more frames. In the frame window, you can also drag and drop the frame you like to local directly as static picture.

Capture frame or movie screen from DVDs

If you choose "Direct Export", then a dialog box pops up to let you rename the picture and choose the output folder to save it directly.

Mac DVD Frame Capture software

2. Batch capture

If you want to batch capture pictures and output them directly in one step, jump to Step 4.

Firstly, set the batch capture way on the right panel: averagely by time, averagely by frame numbers, randomly by frame numbers. After setting the capture way, enter the seconds, minutes, hours or frames as the capture interval, or enter the target frame numbers. Moreover, you can enter the start time and end time on the right panel to set the segment for batch capture.

Secondly, click the "Batch Capture Pictures" button to start capturing pictures, then the captured pictures will be displayed in the picture list below.

4Media DVD Frame Capture for Mac

Step 4: Output captured pictures

There're three ways to output pictures: export single frame directly, export frames in batches directly, and export from the picture list.

1. Export single frame directly

Long press the button below the player, and choose "Direct Export" to export the current frame directly. Or you can drag the current frame from the player to local directly for saving.

2. Export frames in batches directly

The three buttons at the right bottom of the main interface are respectively "Export Picture", "Export Animation" and "Export HTML". You can use the three buttons to export the captured pictures directly.

How to capture DVD screen on Mac

Choose the title to capture picture, and set the batch capture way, then click the "Export Picture" button (the first button) at the right panel to open "Export Picture" dialog, then set "Picture Format" and "Export Location" option to export the captured pictures directly.

How to capture a movie screen from DVDs

Or click "Export Animation" button (the second button) to open "Export Animation" dialog, set the "Export Mode", "Each Frame Delay (Second)" and "Export Location" option to export captured pictures as animation.

Guide for DVD Frame Capture for Mac

Or click "Export HTML" button (the third button) to open "Export HTML" dialog, set the "Web Page Template", "Picture Format", "Thumbnail Size" and "Export Location" option to output them as HTML webpage.

How to capture DVD Frame on Mac

3. Export pictures from picture list

Before exporting pictures, you can preview the pictures in the picture list by right-click. If you're not happy with the picture you capture, right click the picture and select "Open Frame List" to enter the frame window, and choose your favored one to replace the selected one. Or choose "Clear" or "Delete" to clear all the pictures or delete the selected pictures in the picture list.

Click the "Export Picture", "Export Animation" or "Export HTML" button at the bottom to export all the pictures in the picture list. If you only want to export certain pictures, choose the pictures you want to export and open the right-click menu, and choose "Export Picture…", "Export Animation…" or "Export HTML…" option to export the selected pictures in your way.

Capture DVD Frame on Mac computer

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